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on aging gracefully??

I hurt today.

My taekwondo studio got a new instructor back in October. At first, all the adult students loved the fresh face and new attitude. He’s 24, fun, personable, agile and a fourth degree black belt.

Until he started the extreme martial arts shit. XMA is amazing to watch and is generally done by kids/teens. It involves a LOT of jumps, spin kicks, jumping spin kicks, flips, etc. Mr. Hwang has won countless awards for his work in his other schools -- with the teens. He is a specialist in teaching XMA.

Adults don’t do XMA. And there’s a reason.

Last night he decided we should do drop shoulder rolls. “Lean down, drop onto your shoulder, push your legs over and jump up,” he instructs us.


I am 49 years old and wear a size 14 pants. My ass at no point should be going over my head. I also haven’t done flips or somersaults or anything of that nature in well over 40 years. Therefore, I see no reason to start again now.

Except that I kinda had to. Oh, and if drop shoulder rolls in and of themself weren’t enough fun, then we had to do them from a standing position. “Take a stop forward and then drop . . .” “No, Mrs. Torres, do not use your forearm to support yourself. Land on your shoulder first.”

This morning, my right shoulder IS FUCKING SCREAMING AT ME. Me, who cannot take ibuprofen. Me, who has 2 Tylenol Arthritis pain formula in me just to maintain. I don’t think my dear instructor has noticed that the adults are dropping off like flies. Most of us with injuries. Our old instructor never, ever had us do extreme work; he understood our physical limitations.

I hurt and need sympathy. :haha:

Inky Christmas . . .

yeah, this is me:

What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are about celebration. You enjoy all the fun and fellowship that the holidays bring.

You celebrate the holidays in an over the top style. If something is cute, you'll buy it. People end up with a lot of gifts from you - and your house is like a holiday wonderland, full of decorations.

During the holidays, you feel like having fun. Tradition is not important to you... having a blast with your friends is.

You think the holidays should be decadent and indulgent. You never mind gaining a few holiday pounds... it's worth it!

Your favorite holiday memories strongly evoke your senses. You are vividly aware of all the tastes, smells, and sounds of the holidays.

RANT TIME!! I had to . . .

Inky in Bitch Mode:

Dear Online E-mail friend:

Please STOP. STOP e-mailing me your political agenda or online propaganda. ENOUGH ALREADY. Stop sending me pictures of Barack Obama not having his hand over his heart. Stop sending me instructions on which color I need to wear on which day of the week lest I be branded an Unamerican Troop Hating Shmuck. (is it wear blue or is it wear red? make up yer minds!) Stop sending me eleventy two page "keep this prayer going" requests. My prayer life is between me and God and He's good with that. Stop trying to make me feel guilty if I choose to let the e-mail that's been around since the Mayflower die in my inbox. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT ALL, for the love of all things good and holy.

Send me a good joke! I love to laugh. Send me an update with how you're doing. Ask me how I am! That's all good. But stop with the other bullshit NOW, please.

Oh, and to all of you who DON'T strip off all the fucking headers before forwarding to me (mostly AOL'ers, sorry), you should be fed to the lions, seriously.

And I hope by now you realize that NO little dog is going to dance on your screen if you foward to 10 people, nothing "amazing" is going to happen if you forward it to 8 people, and they have no way of tracking how many people you have forwarded anything to. Ok?

yours in online mayhem,

p.s. Don't even get me started on the sad fuckers who send me online "Christmas cards," which consist of a picture of them standing in the snow somewhere and an e-mail paragraph of their happy happy life.

Stamps are 41 cents, ok?

Tonight's Daily Show


I frigging LOVE that man!  

Sexy, funny, charming . . . IMHO wish he were still President, or could be again.  I miss him.

and I'd have done him in a heartbeat.  no lie.

except it's weird to see that he's gotten old . . . 

Getting started

Ok, so, I'm signed up for this Live Journal thingy . . . 


You just want my deepest, most  profound thoughts?

Or just some random bullshit?

lemme know!